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Care and Shipping:

Birds should be frozen as soon as possible after they are in your possession. They should be frozen in a zip-lock style plastic bag with all air pressed out. Heads and necks should be tucked in, under wings. You may place a cotton ball in mouth but do not wrap the bird in paper or towels, this is not necessary.  Place the bagged bird in a small box stuffed with wrinkled papers all around the bird, you may also line the box with sheet insulating foam if you prefer, it is relatively inexpensive.

ONLY ship on Mondays, being careful of upcoming holidays. I prefer UPS, 2nd day air is always recommended. In Nevada, it’s mostly on the warm side, even in winter sometimes.  ALWAYS inform me before mailing a specimen. If I should be unavailable, I will provide another mailing address.

All migratory specimens must have a Federal Migratory Bird Tag attached to each bird. These include all ducks, geese, swans, cranes, dove and woodcock. Your full name, address, date the specimen was taken, location the bird was taken, name of specimen, and most importantly, your signature.  You can view the tag here, or you may print it and use one for each bird.

Any birds taken which required permits, please send a copy with each.

After your bird is received, I will assess it and  I will contact you to discuss further details. At this time, I do require a deposit before I begin work.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

I accept Paypal, credit cards and personal checks.





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